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14 Jul, 2009

The Other Mongol Rally

Posted by: Scott In: Pre-Rally

Mongolia Charity Rally 2009

Believe it or not, there are actually two Mongol Rallies: the proper one, and a copycat one unimaginatively named the Mongolia Charity Rally. It’s a long story, but this additional rally was formed by former Mongol Rally affiliates that were unhappy with the way the original rally was being handled. The Mongolia Charity Rally‘s entry fee is less than half of the official Mongol Rally, and there are no age or engine restrictions for the vehicles involved (which leads to some teams going all-out in custom Land Rovers…a bit too prudent for my taste!).

It is a much smaller affair (only 19 teams for the 2009 rally), but I’ll give them props on one thing—they coincide the launch date with Genghis Khan’s birthday and the traditional summer Naadam Festival. This event features traditional Mongol sports (such as wrestling), food, music, and most importantly, Mongolian people!

A friend who is doing the rally and I were fortunate enough to head over to the launch site and check out the proceedings a few days back. Now, we haven’t started the rally yet, so I’m not sure what our launch will look like, but I’m guessing that it won’t be as culturally relevant as this launch was. Check out the pictures over in the gallery to see how it went.

4 Responses to "The Other Mongol Rally"

1 | Stephen Edwards

August 4th, 2009 at 2:06 pm



Glad to hear you enjoyed the Naadam. But it is a shame you didn’t find out about the Mongolia Charity Rally and you could have saved yourself a lot of money on the Mongol Rally entry fee!

There are 50 teams on the Mongolia Charity Rally this year, although less than half left from the official launch (others leaving later or earlier). Teams take good vehicles that raise more money in Mongolia and are more use than worn out old bangers.

As for the entry fee, we’re a charity so all the profits go into our charity projects. We’re also not obliged to charge VAT, so that helps keep the entry fee much lower. We were a split off group from the Mongol Rally when Tom Morgan decided to turn it from a non-profit into a profit making organisation called the Adventurists (and more than triple the entry fee). We helped because of the charity not because we wanted to get rich. I notice that another page on your site says that the Adventurists are a not-for profit organisation, I think you’ll find this is wrong and should be corrected:

If you know anyone interested in doing the rally in 2010, please recommend they visit the Mongolia Charity Rally. They’ll save a lot on the entry fee and know that nobody is profiting from their involvement.

Best wishes,


2 | Mongolia Charity Rally vs. Mongol Rally – hva er forskjellen? « CookingCharityChicks

October 29th, 2011 at 3:46 pm


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