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Mongol Rally Guys Press Release Press Release

The Mongol Rally Guys

Why Donate?

Why Donate?Hopefully you’ve had a chance to peruse the web site and see what this is all about. As you can see, we are very serious about this project and are doing our very best to raise as much money for those in need as possible.

It’s always tough to raise donations. It’s really tough trying to raise them in this economic climate. Nonetheless, we started this knowing there would be many challenges involved and we are not about to back down now. We are set to devote a few months of time and just about every cent we have to doing this. We’re following this through to the very end.

Unfortunately, need does not decrease just because the developed world is “suffering” through a recession. Charities such as Mercy Corps have an extremely difficult time raising the capital needed to sustain current projects much less start on any new ones. I’m sure that almost everyone would agree that no matter how grim our own personal situations may look at the moment that we are doing a thousand times better than a vast majority of the world’s poor.

If you’re still on the edge, wondering whether or not to donate to our cause, here are a few things to consider:

  • 1.) 100% of the money you donate will go to charity. Mercy Corps is one of the leading international charities, with 90% of all funds going directly to those in need (on par with the Red Cross).
  • 2.) You will be supporting an amazing feat and will be able to follow along as we travel one-third of the way across the earth. We must raise this money for charity. If we don’t have enough before the rally starts we will not be able to participate.
  • 3.) You will get a chance to see how your money will be spent. Once we finish the rally we will be touring various charity projects around Mongolia and posting pictures and accounts of every visit.
  • 4.) You’ll be “Internet Famous”—you get your name listed on the Donation page. 🙂
  • 5.) It’s very quick and simple. Just click on one of the DONATE buttons to send a totally secure donation of any amount via credit or debit card.

We hope you consider these points and make the decision to donate to this worthwhile cause. Again, you may donate any amount, every dollar makes a difference!

More information can be found in the post Our Goal. If you have any questions please contact us and we would be more than happy to discuss them with you.