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01 Dec, 2009

Mercy Corps Video

Posted by: Scott In: Post-Rally

Received this video from Mercy Corps detailing some of the projects that they have implemented thanks to funds raised by ralliers like us.


21 Mar, 2009

From Yak to Energy

Posted by: Scott In: Pre-Rally

I thought I would take a little bit of time today to highlight just one of the many interesting projects that Mercy Corps is heading in Mongolia.


24 Feb, 2009

Our Goal

Posted by: Scott In: Pre-Rally

I’ve been posting a lot on the adventure aspects of the rally of late. I must admit that that is one of the big draws for me—the chance to travel to foreign lands and interact with different people and cultures. But that’s not the main goal of this trip.

As most of you probably know by now, we are in this to raise money for our main charity, Mercy Corps. Since its inception in 1979, Mercy Corps has donated over $1.5 billion in assistance to people in 106 nations across the globe. They take a “teach a man how to fish” philosophy to philanthropy—aiming at the root of the problem instead of just providing temporary assistance. Their main goals over the past thirty years have been education, medical care, training, and clean water and sanitation.


19 Nov, 2008

Back! Time to get started…

Posted by: Scott In: Pre-Rally

Back from my trip to Japan, had a great time, like always. Even got some work done, amazingly.

So, now it’s time to get started in earnest in raising money and preparing for the trip. We have about a eight months before leaving to the U.K. for the final preparations, and have an amazing amount of stuff to get accomplished before that time.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks, as well as some web site tweaks and changes.

I’ll leave you with a letter that I received from one of our charities, Mercy Corps, last week: