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Archive for November, 2009

03 Nov, 2009

The Bags Arrived!

Posted by: Scott In: Post-Rally

Believe it or not, the two packages that I laboriously sent back from Dushanbe, Tajikistan have finally made their way to my doorstep after nearly two months of being transported across the world by camel (I’m guessing). Now you get a chance to see the excellent workmanship that went into sewing these parcels together and then stamping them shut with wax seals.


02 Nov, 2009

Mongol Rally Guys Statistics

Posted by: Scott In: Post-Rally

Here are some interesting statistics from our 2009 Mongol Rally adventure:

Duration: Scott spent 34 days in the U.K. prior to the rally (sightseeing, trip prep, and the Rotary International Conference), 52 days traveling to Mongolia, and 14 days in the country once he arrived, and an additional three days of traveling along with a stopover in the U.K. again. That makes for a grand total of 103 days.

Collin’s trip was a bit shorter, with 2 days in the U.K. prior to the rally, 48 days doing the rally, and 2 additional days in the U.K. at the end of the trip for a total of 52 days.


01 Nov, 2009

Tupac in Kazakhstan

Posted by: Scott In: Post-Rally

My friend Joe from Team Rubik Crew took the time to produce and create this great video while he was doing the rally this summer. He took Tupac Shakur’s classic “Changes” song and had different people he met throughout the country sing bits of it. Worth a watch, whether you’re a fan of Tupac or not!