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13 May, 2021

Well, on third thought…

Posted by: Scott In: Mongol Rally 2019

So, 2020 didn’t really work out. No need to go into detail on why that is the case.

Add to that 2021. Doesn’t really look like much is going to happen this year either — at least in terms of international travel, road rallies, etc.

So, I guess that leaves…2022? Nope — already have summer plans (fingers crossed). 2023? Possibly…but let’s set our sights on 2024, which will be my 15th (!!!) anniversary of first doing the Mongol Rally, way back in 2009.

Stay tuned…

18 Apr, 2019

Well, on second thought…

Posted by: Scott In: Mongol Rally 2019

I may have been a bit premature when posting the last entry regarding entering the Mongol Rally, 2019 edition.

Although I’ve dreamed of doing the trip again for many years—and have made quite a few preparations to make it happen this year—it appears to not be in the cards at the moment (money, work, etc.).

So instead, I’ll be setting my sights on doing the 2020 Mongol Rally. It’s a total bummer to not be able to make the 2019 rally, which would have been the ten year anniversary of my 2009 attempt, but that is life!

I figure I’ll start planning everything out at the end of this year, so stay tuned for more updates around that time.

Until then, happy adventures everyone!

21 Feb, 2018

Mongol Rally 2019

Posted by: Scott In: Mongol Rally 2019

Mongol Rally 2019

In honor of the 10 year anniversary of Team Hardly Working almost making it all the way to Mongolia in a run-down 1.3L Geo Metro from the States, Scott has decided to give it another go in the summer of 2019.

Stay tuned!