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Mongol Rally Guys Press Release Press Release

The Mongol Rally Guys

The Guys

Scott and Collin both grew up in South-Eastern Michigan, near Detroit, although they went to different schools and didn't meet until age 12 or so. Having first met in Tae Kwon Do class, they were initially been drawn together by a love of fantasy-genre video games and a passion for drawing. Later on the two maintained friendship through adulthood by mutual interests in things such as art and animation, procrastination and all-around general laziness, delusions of future grandeur, and, later on in life, a love of just enjoying life.



ScottScott is a serial entrepreneur, having started his first businesses in middle-school (even earlier if you count those lemonade stands, garage sales, 'artwork' peddling, and baseball card pawning). He currently focuses primarily on running the company he started after graduating high school, mSeven Media, Inc., a graphic and web design/consulting firm. His other ventures include managing the Michigan-Japan Professionals Association (MJPA), a non-profit he co-founded to help strengthen the ties between Japan and Michigan (he has lived, worked, and studied in Japan and speaks Japanese). He is also pursuing opening up an international business consulting firm with a partner in Tokyo (AssistINT, K.K.).

Scott likes to spend his free time using up his money traveling the world. He has visited five continents, including Antarctica, and plans to have all seven down within the next few years. His other interests include DJ'ing and music, reading, snowboarding, mountain climbing/hiking, and meeting interesting people.

Scott has a younger brother and sister, Jamie & Kyle. He has been a proud member of Rotary International, District 6380, since 2008.



CollinCollin is an aspiring artist who is constantly on a quest to finish his portfolio. After a few hiccups on the road to discovering himself, and a great deal of moving, traveling, and spending money he doesn't have, he now finds himself at the precipice of perhaps one of the greatest adventures of his life.

As far as accomplishments in the realms of business and career, there are very few, but he remains optimistic about the future and his ultimate goal of somehow leaving a mark that makes this world a better place for all. Collin enjoys drawing (of course), attempting to write meaningful literature, and listening to all forms of rock 'n' roll as well as other fine music. Collin also spends a good amount of time hanging out with his many excellent friends. Whether it's a night out, or a night in discussing philosophy over fine brew, Collin knows that it's the good relationships in your life that make it worth living.

He stands to leave behind two younger sisters (Lia and Holly) and a younger brother (Anthony). May the road rise to meet him and best of luck to all for an awesome rally in '09.