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Mongol Rally Guys Press Release Press Release

The Mongol Rally Guys


February 2008:

  • Scott first reads about the Mongol Rally in Forbes Magazine. He
       registers at the official web site.

September 2008:

  • Scott tries for a spot on the 2009 rally with no luck. Applies to the
       waiting list and is accepted.
  • Paid the entrance fee, officially accepted as a participant.
  • is founded.

April 2009:

  • The car, a 2001 Chevy Metro, was purchased on 04/28/2009.

May 2009:

  • Endless tinkering with the car, huge sums of money spent on    auto parts, loads of hassle setting up shipping to the UK and    gathering all of the required visas was performed all month    long, well into June.

June 2009:

  • Scott flies over to the UK on 06/14/2009 (in order to attend the    100th Anniversary Rotary International Conference held in    Birmingham).
  • Last date to register your vehicle with the committee is

July 2009:

  • Pre-launch gathering party is 07/17/2009.
  • Launch day (Goodwood) is the next day, 07/18/2009.
  • The “Czech-Out” Party, held at a castle in the Czech Republic is
       held the evening on 07/20/2009.
  • Scott’s birthday is 07/27/2009. Festivities TBA.

August 2009:

  • Arrival party in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia is scheduled for
  • Fly back home sometime in late-August.