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16 Jun, 2009

So it begins…

Posted by: Scott In: Pre-Rally

The car has been dropped off in New Jersey and ships today. I have arrived in London and will pick up the car in a couple of weeks. Thus begins Mongol Rally 2009!

Actual quote from the car shipping company representative upon dropping off the car: “You’re shipping this piece of sh*t!? I’m gonna run out of ink on my pen just detailing the existing damage on the thing”. Yup, that’s our baby!

HUGE thanks to my stepfather Matt, who was the one that underwent the arduous journey to actually drop off the car at the New Jersey docks. I was all set to do it myself until I received an e-mail from the shipping company that I wasn’t actually guaranteed a spot to the UK for my car until the car was at their facilities. Thanks for letting me know guys! So, we had only a few days to ensure arrival of the vehicle in order to guarantee pick-up before the start of the rally. Matt also crafted us a roof-rack to place our spare tires and gas canisters on during the rally.

Also, thank you to my father, who provided packing help and car fixing-up. Thanks to mom for our rations trip to Costco and for other general support miscellany.