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30 Jul, 2009

Europe Part One: France & Belgium

Posted by: Scott In: The Rally

We arrived in Dunkirk, France approximately two hours later and decided to get moving towards our destination for the night: Brussels, Belgium. It wasn’t very far away, but we had a slight problem: we were supposed to travel with Rubiks Cube to their friend’s place in Brussels to stay the night. Rubiks Cube had no phone, so we couldn’t contact them. As I had the address and directions printed out, we decided to head out and hopefully meet up in Brussels.

The drive was easy, taking us only a few hours. How nice it was to be driving back on the correct side of the road again! We had some slight delays in Brussels as we were trying to find Rubiks Cube’s friend’s place (it seems many European cities don’t care for street signs, or make them virtually invisible to the naked eye), but we eventually found it around midnight. I called up Vincent, the friend, and explained our situation. Vincent, having never even met us before, was kind enough to invite us up to his apartment while we all waited for Rubiks Cube. After a few hours of conversation it became apparent that something had happened to Rubiks Cube. Vincent said that we could stay in his old apartment for the night (having just moved to a new one that day), and so we headed a few blocks away and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning we met with Vincent again and had some breakfast. Neither of us had heard from Rubiks Cube at all during the night. Leaving Brussels around 2:00PM we headed off to our next destination: Munich, Germany.

Thanks Vincent!

Pictures have been posted in the gallery.

2 Responses to "Europe Part One: France & Belgium"

1 | Kathryn Anderson

July 30th, 2009 at 2:49 pm


You have fabulous luck with complete strangers! How nice for you that Vincent had a spare apartment

2 | Manish Mehta

July 30th, 2009 at 7:33 pm


Hi Scott! Great to read your story in the Rotary 6380 newsletter – The drive across Belguim to Munich should be a piece of cake! Best always!

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