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The Mongol Rally Guys

31 Oct, 2009


Posted by: Scott In: Post-Rally

I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to get accustomed to normal life again. I’ll tell you one thing–it’s definitely not as exciting as rallying around the world!

Since I’ve been back I’ve been asked by everyone I know how the trip was. I always have this to say in response: “it was awesome”. All of the trials and tribulations we went through during the journey are now just amusing stories to be retold to friends and family. I’ve found that some of the most trying times have become the fondest memories, such as the night we had to spend in a desert no-man’s-land between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan with a group of truckers, sharing a meal of thin soup and stale bread for dinner.

We spent a huge deal of time and money into doing this trip–much more than we had planned. But neither of us would ever give up what we experienced for any amount of money, that’s for sure. We didn’t end up making it by car to our destination, and Collin didn’t even end up making it to Mongolia, but we had an amazing go at it. Most importantly, we ended up raising almost $9,000 for charity, and partially because of us a kindergarten is on its way to being completed in the middle of Mongolia. Children that weren’t able to go to school are now able to, and that’s a pretty awesome thing. As is sometimes said, it wasn’t really about the destination–it was about the journey. And what a great journey it was.

Now…where to go and what to do next…

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